You owe it to yourself to join us for our life-changing Monday Night Book Club meetings! 

The Ruby Readers meet every Monday night @ 7:00 pm at 405 Fayette Place, Fayetteville, GA. Our Book Club meetings are very casual and open to all married and single ladies. We discuss an array of topics that pertain to women; as a result we are growing a supportive network of ladies to empower us for success! Some of the books we have read are: “Listen To Your Life”, “Successful Women Think Differently”, "Why Not You? 28 Days to Authentic Confidence", and "What's Really Holding You Back? Closing the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be", all by Valorie Burton, and “How To Talk So Your Husband Will Listen: And Listen So Your Husband Will Talk” by Rick Johnson. We are presently reading "How Did I Get So Busy?: The 28-Day Plan to Free Your Time, Reclaim Your Schedule, and Reconnect with What Matters Most" also by Valorie Burton.